As one post on this site said "bring it on.". i am not in their rat race, and i do not answer to their color coded political designations. The Census Bureau does not hire temporary workers to collect data for the American Community Survey. Soundbar sold separately. I ordered him to leave and he said he would have to go get the sheriff and return. Here's how you know ( will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance from 6am to 10am EST on Saturday, 3/4/2023. He wanted my son's name and address. For over a quarter century, we have assisted, without charge, persons deprived of their liberty by government officials. Three times they were soaked standing at my door. I told her not to come back or I would spray her with my garden hose. confinement or community-based facilities or staff. She stated that they lost it. It is just such a sick country now. It does make an interesting snapshot of america. And as to the types of questions that can be asked, the only limit is that they can't be of a religious nature. We monitored our caller ID and just refused to answer the phone when they called (along with any other numbers listed as "unavailable"). to be human so be sure to count them in as well! don't let them take our rights away even more than they already have. In the article above, it mentions the fine is per offense; but I did not read that anywhere in Title 13. Thus, information obtained through the ACS is not simply used to inform government policy in a neutral manner, but is also being provided to private actors for the purpose of promoting corporate and/or political agendas. I will give the information to those who really need it to improve my neighborhood, city, county, etc. Waiting for the calls, then the visits. Then two weeks later a reminder to fill it out. New to They came to my door at all hours. I say, "I don't care who you are. They have came to my door unannounced on many occations. I am a law abiding American citizen, tax payer (working 2 jobs) and a registered voter, not a criminal or bum or illegal immigrant living off the tax payers. I said it sounded like a great idea. of Justice. In July, I started to receive visits. In fact, the ACS launched in 2005 to replace the census "long form." A: Federal law makes it mandatory to answer all questions on the ACS. Thank you for creating this site and letting me know that I am not alone with receiving these and answering them. He said he'd pass that along. I looked the form up online and balked at the intrusiveness of the question. [5] Unlike the decennial census which is sent out every 10 years, the ACS is an ongoing survey that is sent out on a continuous basis by the Census Bureau.[6]. I have little doubt that the ACS data is already in Israel's possession. I had already been a victim of identity theft. When someone asks my wages, my mortgage information, and what time and where I work, I see this as "seizing personal information." "; "What is your favorite color on Thursday afternoons between 4:30 and 5:00 p.m.? Quid pro quo," then slam the door in their face. I don't bother to answer my phone unless I know who it is. I am one who is living this nightmare: the letters, the phone calls, the personal visits, day in and day out, month after month. I see no reason to comply. Avoiding them will not really be possible since we have a houseful of teenagers who will most likely keep answering the door. For example, in 2013 after the 2010 census, Florida gained two seats in the House, while New York lost two. So, I tore off the page with my address on it and shredded it, and then I tossed the rest of the survey into the garbage. The last thing the execs at the Census Bureau want to see is a video of one of their "enumerators" on YouTube, the Six O'clock News, or in Congress or a courtroom harassing and threatening a citizen/voter with a big fine or jail time if that person refuses to give out the personal details of his life to a perfect stranger. This is harassment, I am no threat. Helping this corrupt government "function" is the same thing as helping this corrupt government go kill more people, invade our privacy, tax our income, levy fines, issue permissions slips and tattoo our butts. Are you kidding? Because the rich have been given free passes by laws created by and for the rich, we must beware these so called laws they create. And this has gone to the supreme court and has been upheld on account that it is important to get accurate numbers. Sad, but I simply do not trust the government anymore. I just thought I would throw that out there! U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE (8-27-2019) SURVEY OF SEXUAL VICTIMIZATION, 2018. P.S. No one will email you or be peeping at you from the census. And I say that is the point -- I do not want my state or city dependent on big government this is socialism and pork barrel out of control government spending. My son answered the door, the guy announced who he was with. Now, I want to know how we go about suing these senseless census idiots! That is how they get "past the guard". The government has no right to know this personal information and that she could leave. Want to save up to 30% on your monthly bills? Millions of dollars wasted! I was just contacted by a representative for the Census Bureau at my home and asked to answer his questions. 2017-2021 American Community Survey 5-year estimates are now available, including the Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) and Variance Replicate Estimate (VRE) Tables. There is an actual law on the books, but that law has never been applied. He used to work for the gas company and has been in my house to light my pilot lights. The Census Bureau boasts a 97% response rate to the survey via these methods,[34] but critics argue this constitutes harassment. Remember, they work for you, not the other way around. I've received two of these obscene forms and I do not to answer any of the questions printed thereon. Way too much info requested (stuff I wouldn't tell my friends, let alone the government!!) You aren't getting mine! That seems to be the end of it, but only time will tell. Do as you see fit. I told her the story and said I didn't have time for this right now. That wasn't supposed to be able to happen. I told him that was correct. About how much do you think this house and lot, apartment, or mobile home would sell for if it were for sale? Copyright 2023 The Rutherford Institute. Public servants are just public burdens and every time their benefits cost more I have to pay for them and I don't even have any myself!!! I was going to fill it out and check "race: other, American" but now I just don't even want to fill the dang thing out. Even in police states, they don't ask these questions asked by the Census Bureau for the ACS. [24] Now the latest. As she walked away, I told her that her husband Ray just called and wanted her to stop at the store at a location next to her house. But I hit the brakes big time when they ask for your birthdate, among other garbage of race, sex, etc. And if I choose to comply, the only information they will get from me would be the number of people living in my house. That this money is funding from the government, which makes it socialism. "The American Community Survey (ACS) is an ongoing survey that provides vital information on a yearly basis about our nation and its people. Attempting to use scare tactics to get personal information - nice. Then they came to my door while I was out of town and left me a note with their name and number. I received this census (which to clarify is not the 10 year one, we filled that one out). First of all, get a clue! However, the gap between homeownership rates not only persists, but has grown. This ACS thing is quite detailed. It feels good to see so many of you willing to take a stand against this invasion of privacy. I have received two forms, and have no intention of responding. From (original) Poster 188: Knock on wood, the phone calls seem to have stopped. Don't fill out anything if you don't want the public to know some of your private information. As a note, we live in a small, rural town so that may make a difference in whether it's worth the effort for them to continue demanding the information. This is just crap. Anything more is intrusive. It's aimed at collecting data that influence how. I don't owe the government anything for going to college. Plaintiffs do not allege Census Bureau representatives directly threatened them with prosecution, nor do they submit affidavits to that effect, Judge Estudillo wrote. If I received the ACS survey in the mail, I would probably just put down the number of people in my household, but there is nothing on the 10 question survey that any Tom, Dick, or Harry can't find out on the internet quite easily. Why the hell should I tell the government all this business about me? So why would the government hire a company such as ACS to dig into our lives? Then you've got them by the balls. United we stand divided we fall. Keep liberty free and stand up for your countries constitutional rights. Currently, Oscar is a 7-year-old boy with ODD whose refusal behaviors have begun to be both verbally aggressive and physically violent. (address, city, county, state, zip). I am becoming more and more ashamed I fought for this newly founded socialist government. I noticed that if I left the note on the door, they would sometimes pull up, then just drive off. What I find interesting is that when I visit a home of an immigrant they are almost excited to give me whatever information I ask for. This is a very big, complicated country we live in. Now let me get my cell phone fully charged and ready for the doorbell to ring. I don't want abuse from anyone, least of all from those who were once subject to the people and who now act as if they are the elite. For our government to function basic knowledge about the country as a whole, and individual states is required. Well its going to get colder before I give them the info. I have the kind of front door that has a small window near the top and if people stand on their toes they can peek into my living room. The Census Project works continuously to educate Congress about the critical importance of adequate yearly funding for 2020 Census planning and operations and for the American Community Survey. And, further, we cannot wire tap calls coming into this country from suspected terrorists, but we can create bogus laws to try to make us fill out the ACS which provides more personal information than any wire tap could on american citizens. Outraged in Maryland. During the last month since I received the first one, I've had many many phone calls from someone asking for my husband and saying he is from a veteran's charity. Neither one of us filled it out, nor mailed it in. We do not live in 1930's Germany but you sure can't tell by reading the questions on this form. A week later, a woman came to my door and said they hadn't received my form. I guess all the info requested I am OK with. Featured Respond to the ACS It actually notes in it "Your response to this survey is required by law (Title 13, U.S. Code, Sections 141 and 193).Title 13, as changed by Title 18, imposes a penalty for not responding." True Nazism at its finest. I've worn a uniform to serve my country and, apparently, most of you feel as I do. this stupid stupid government and all its crap we have been harassed over and over and over and today again. an American Patriot. A .gov website belongs to an official government organization in the United States. For this census at least and I assume for the 2010 Census the initial person that will come to your house, if you did not fill out the form, is just a normal citizen with a temporary job as an "enumerator". Ethical considerations. You need to stop peering in my window and you need to leave right away." The survey also asks how many bedrooms and bathrooms you have in your house, along with the fuel used to heat your home, the cost of electricity, what type of mortgage you have and monthly mortgage payments, property taxes and so on. And send a Federal Marshal out to write you a ticket. The next day I got an e-mail saying that the "government guy" was OK with it and that I should return the form. If you are clear and firm in your refusal they will leave you alone. I was out in my yard and she was yelling at me from a distance. This warning is clearly stated on the ACS envelope, and the form itself threatens a fine for people who refuse or willfully neglect to complete the survey. this person got in the building somehow! I told that I had already fulfilled my Constitutional duties as a citizen with my mailed-in short form, and then told her the ACS and her harassment of me in my home is unconstitutional. This was way out of line and uncalled for! I received your American Community Survey some time ago, and shortly thereafter returned the survey, including only the information you are authorized to collect, and I am required to provide, per the requirements of Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 of the United States Constitution, that is, the number of persons in our household, for the purposes of proper apportionment of our US Congressional representation. What time did this person usually leave home to go to work last week? Unlike the 10-year Census, this survey runs all year, every year. How can a census do any good for schools when these people are never turned away from schools and hospitals and welfare lines? If you got grilled before then they are trying to find out the change in your situation over time. Maybe you'll get a new hospital! I am glad I found this site. If the IRS has no info on you, you're illegal anyway. "Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who who have the courage to defend it." the government was never constitutionally mandated to provide funds. Ain't going to happen, just call their bluff. lets hope this isn't all to simply mark people who do and do not comply. Direct taxes are inherently unfair because one state, with ten percent of the population, might be one of the richest states while another state, with the same percentage of the population, might be one of the poorest. But they oppose the highly detailed and personal information demanded in the American Community Survey and have refused to answer it. makes you wonder!!!???? Your name, address and phone number (front cover of the ACS), 2. They can send me the 2010 census with their 10 questions that I am required to answer and I will. You wonder why people are reluctant to give out information. A mortgage deduction should indicate I own a house; a 1099 with either unemployment compensation or reported income would indicate whether I am unemployed or self-employed. I never did get ahold of the idiot at Commerce- she sure had lots of vacation time. I ignored all of this due to what I had been through. Say no to everything. Once on Saturday, once on Wednesday, three times yesterday, and so far once today. I threw it away. Video camera is by the door for the on-site contact which will be next. Firm, clear refusal. It's hard to believe that a patriotic, high school social studies teacher, and law-abiding citizen, such as myself, could be compelled to suggest such civil disobedience--but here I am, and hear me loud. On 22 September 2006, the American Broadcast Company (ABC) reported that, since 2003, the Census Bureau lost or reported stolen over 200 laptops and numerous handheld and portable data devices used by survey collectors. This is about a rental property that is currently empty and was on April 1, if that really means anything. I will also show it to any of my neighbors who might know my name and ask that they not answer any questions about us from anyone. I told this supervisor that no one came by my home. God bless America and individual freedom! He asked if I was refusing to answer the survey. We aren't answering these questions for anyone unless they show up and arrest me and a judge makes me do it in court. [27] Andrew Reamer, To Take a Bite Out of Crime: Safeguard the Census, [13] You fill it out and keep it moving- we don't want to. A: The American Community Survey, a questionnaire produced by the Census Bureau, not only asks about the number of persons in a household but also asks a broad range of questions about the activities of the people living in the household. Im not and if their track record is any benchmark, nobody should. Look it up. We live in a sanctuary city and those who work and pay taxes are supporting almost half of our population. I told them they were barking up the wrong tree and they need to follow the U.S. Now they called again and wanted to ask these questions over the phone. Fine. She left. To all the census takers who have the nerve to put their 2 cents here to tell us how safe it is, why don't you also post your personal information for us? She informed me that I only had to answer a few questions, and could she come in? It is most effective when analysts can see the relationship between various types of criminal incidents (e.g., homicides, drug dealing) and neighborhood characteristics (risk factors such as poverty, population density, and vacant housing), pinpoint where crimes are most likely to occur (hot spots), and focus police resources accordingly.[27] The Brookings Institute notes that because the ACS provides data every year, rather than every ten years, crime mapping is more effective and cheaper. The misinformation spewed from people here is laughable. The US Census Bureau says it's an essential tool in collecting relevant and timely data in order to understand and finance local needs for things like roads and schools. If you waiver or hide, they will keep trying. So I received two ACS forms in the mail and they are not going to be filled out. Today's call is being recorded. Follow your happiness and I promise the universe will be there for you: subtle, slow, obvious or quick it will respond to your emotions. Stonewall them out. From the American Community Survey and your tax dollars at work. The ACS and Census Bureau have no legal standing to enforce the bogus laws that were passed to allow this survey. Person 48. I told him that on the advice of my attorney I had shredded the form. The last person who called our home sounded like he was contracted through India? We have been approached numerous times on our property, been left threatening letters and messages on our answering machine, and there seems to be no end to it. Soundbar sold separately. After they fill out the form, I seriously doubt they think about you ever again. The provision for the Census is found in Article I, Section 2, Clause 3 of the Constitution. Beyond that, please cease and desist all further efforts to gather personal and private information about the members of my household, it will not be provided. Have you ever filed taxes? Employees will be invited to complete a feedback form at the end of a strategic planning session . But it did. I plan on turning over any fines or issues to these attorneys I know and I have used them before. Census Bureau Table. One week later, we got two more phone calls in one night because I hung up on the caller and he called back 20 minutes later. A final note to those of you who are, or consider yourself Republicans: ACS after initial testing, "went national" in 2004. Unreal! How come I get the ACS? Anyway he proceed to stretch as much as he could so he could look into my living room. Where did they get the data? Why doesn't the gov just sell us some cyanide instead of slowly picking away at our bones? Someone said they can find all our info on the internet anyway. No one from the Census has been escorted off your property by the police - Title 13 gives them the right to be on your property. Yeah right! During such calls the survey taker reminds the resident that compliance with the ACS is mandatory. Lecture notes about civil liberties and rights. I assume that's why they have come again. I had the misfortune of getting an ACS survey a few years ago. Unlike the traditional census, which is limited to a simple head count every ten years for the purpose of establishing representation in Congress, the ACS is sent on an ongoing basis to about 3 million homes every year at a reported cost of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.[2]. The yahoos on the Hill will continue to usurp our rights. I even gave them the date I mailed it on. Anyway, i thought i would turn it into something funny and started a blog. Federal law requires U.S. residents to answer the ACS. How many times has this person been married? People, what is so terrible about giving out the number of people who live in your household? I didnt think so. Unless an individual has been charged and convicted of some criminal offense connected to the Census and the crime falls within section 3559, this $5,000.00 fine does not apply. A man was arrested and charged with attempting to place an explosive or incendiary device on an aircraft after his bag triggered an alarm at Lehigh Valley International Airport in Pennsylvania, US . My husband and I now know what we will do when a rep shows up at our door. And those people were gathered up and sent to internment camps. Something is wrong in this country when the hard working middle class is getting stomped out from top to bottom. OMB No. Finally, she asked me if I was refusing to answer the questions and if I wanted her to put that down. [15] I had missed several calls but the pattern seemed to be that I got them every other day. It is the premier source for detailed population and housing information about our nation. Oh, the reason he came back? I returned the question booklet as instructed. The information that they collect will be used against us in our most crucial moments. The government is collecting information such as how many rooms we have in our houses, how many acres of land, what time do we leave for work, etc. He was shocked and said it was required by law. I told him that was fine. This is a violation of our privacy and a malevolent use of government power. The second visit, I handed him a sealed census envelope, and he came back and left a note that the computer kicked it out. We then engaged in a bit of "palaver" in which she said that they can require us to answer any question they want because "it's in the Constitution". I hung up. Confidentiality? I ignored the phone when it rang. I do not want to tell anyone personal info, much less someone who lives next door to me! During dinner a census worker shows up. The Founding Fathers wanted the power to stay with the people - but it took a revolution to secure it. The Bureau lists 35 different categories of questions on its website and offers an explanation on how the information is to be used. Hello, Legally, yes, you are required to answer the census survey. Apparently my post office would not send it to me. and inviting me to contact them if I had any concerns. Relentless! What they dont tell you is that the information is available to a long list of private corporation, research agencies and think tanks, who use the information to justify and pursue their own agendas. DP03 SELECTED ECONOMIC CHARACTERISTICS. Ask yourself this question. [It does not appear that Census is proposing any changes to the ACS instrument.] Some of you who refuse to return your forms could possibly look at it from a different angle. Comparing the American Community Survey and the Population Estimates Program (February 17, 2021) Coordinator: Welcome and thank you for standing by. I did this and then disposed of the form. I live in upstate New York and was just threatened that the census taker would be back with the police and his supervisor because I refused to fill out the form. My caller id usually reads 'unavailable' or 'out of area'. I work for a defense contractor, and when I applied for a security clearance, there were way fewer questions, and much less invasive than were on the ACS long form. It's just like a bunch of whiners. American Community Survey: Chicago Regional Office 1 (630) 288-9200 or 1-800-865-6384 Heartland Institute: The. Filled out the short form minus birth dates. Thanks Mom, for teaching me a little Italian. But not so with us. These "enumerators" aren't policemen and they can't make you answer their questions or let them into your house. It's not good politics. Share the creative ways you use American Community Survey data to make decisions. If at some point they insist you are declining, plead the Fifth Amendment. The U.S. Census has nothing to do with Obama nor most of the accusations you are flippantly throwing up online. i told her no, she kept asking, i kept telling her no and eventually snuck in my apartment when she drove to park. Just because some bureaucrat says that U.S. Code, Title 13 makes the American Community Survey legal and enforceable, the test of time will surely prove that it is not. I got no answer. answers to this "anonymous" survey, my information would necessarily be identifiable, perhaps through my address, for at least some period of time. I will not be giving some 18 year old pimple face unemployed moron my personal information. I don't see what the big deal is. A sympathizer to the Census said it was to help the government to function. [6] I would like to recommend an alternative method of dealing with "census workers" who show up at your door to harass you for information. --Paul. This also happened the last time. So, my husband filled it out with the lady standing at my front door. The assertion by census workers that there is a simple fine of $5,000.00 for not providing the info is total crap! Uh, no. So, basically, he screwed the taxpayers because he keeps a log of minutes and gets paid for the time. However, we will make it quite clear we will accept the risk and continue to take this stand. Go Tea Party! I would rather pay the $100 fine to keep my freedom in check. But I will not tell you when I leave for work and about the medical condition of my relatives. Of course I would expect them to correct this oversight in the near future. The states collect the tax and turn the money over to the federal government. It seems what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. The next day I called back and talked to a different agent or whatever they are. Got a phone call wanting the birth dates. If people answer the survey maybe they will get the funding to have proper educational programs. [15] The ACS questionnaire also demands that persons divulge how many automobiles they own[16] and whether you have trouble getting up the stairs. They say they are from the U.S. Dept of Commerce. If this money is government funding for schools, street or seating representatives then why are so many teachers being laid off, why are the streets so damaged and incomplete. do i have right to due process? I received my acs form,filled it out and threw it in the garbage where it belongs. Why all the bad-mouthing of these people who are taking these jobs to support their families in these hard economic times?